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The Ragdoll Cat can be described as delightful, charming and fascinating. The Ragdoll cat breed was developed in California by a woman named Ann Baker, who wanted to capture the amazing docile nature of these cats. There are many versions of the story as to how they were created. No one, except Ann, who has since passed away, knows the exact truth about how the Ragdoll breed came into being. More important is what the Ragdoll Cat is today; a remarkable and beautiful companion suitable for a loving family, who is seeking a cat that will be devoted to them. The Ragdoll is a pointed breed, meaning the extremities are a darker shade than the body, with lovely blue eyes. It is a playful cat, with a gentle nature and is noted for its tendency to go limp when picked up. Having a soft, silky, semi-long coat, the Ragdoll Cat requires a minimum of grooming. The coat is often described as feeling like rabbit fur. The Ragdoll Cat is a fairly large cat, not attaining full size until two or three years of age. My adult males average 15 pounds with females maturing about 5 pounds less.




Please note that there are some myths about Ragdoll cats. For instance, Ragdoll cats do shed, but not to the degree of other longhair cats. Also, not every Ragdoll cat will choose to be a lap cat. Just like us, they have individual personalities. Each will have its' own likes and dislikes and choose how it wants to display affection. Some will sit on your lap, others will sit next to you or at your feet. Other pets in the household may have a direct effect on how the Ragdoll cat interacts with you.

What all Ragdoll cats do have in common is that they want to love and be loved. Taking the time to build a relationship with your own unique Ragdoll can be a very rewarding experience. There is little that can be compared to being loved by a happy Ragdoll!

Villaroyal Breeds Ragdoll Cats and Kittens in all three patterns
In seal, blue, tortie, flame and cream pointed colors

Health Guaranteed, Outstanding Type & Temperament,
Magnificent Blue Eyes




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